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Firstly, if you are looking at this page to plan for your own wedding - congratulations!

ME and what I do:

I have been providing quality wedding photography since 2008 to deliver beautiful images with a relaxed, natural feel, along with a service that's professional, while also un-intrusive, informal and tailored toward your personalities and preferences as a couple. I have covered weddings of all different types and styles, with couples and families from all types of backgrounds. However, I still treat everyone as individuals, don't make assumptions about who you are or what you want, and am always very happy to work with your ideas, offering as much help, input and guidance as you feel you need, so that I can ensure you receive the service, coverage and final images that are right for you.

QUOTES for your wedding photography:

I shoot all over the UK, and my quotes are mainly based on the amount of time you require on the day, as well as where you need me to be. The date makes a little bit of difference too, with summer and autumn being busier than winter/spring.

If you would like a quote, there's no "hard-sell" with me. My contact details are below, so please feel free to call, send an email, or send an email telling me you'd like a call from me, and we can have a chat about it or move forward via email, whichever suits you best.

If you'd like a rough quote, it's really useful for me if you can let me know as much as you can about what you need - at the very least I need to know: date, time of your ceremony, location of your ceremony (and reception venue if different), and roughly what time you think you might want your coverage to continue until - assuming you know all these things yet, but it's fine if you don't!

I will come back to you with two or three different package options based on what you have told me, but of course these can be changed and amended as much as you need. If you wish to instead let me know what you budget is for your photography, I can tell you all the options I could offer for a little below that price, exactly at that price, and a little above that price.

Assuming the details/location etc don't change, any final quote we agree is "all-in", there are no hidden costs, and the only extras would be for elements you specifically ask for, such as a second photographer, prints, pre-wedding shoot, etc. which would all be clear and included before moving forward.


I can cover these if required, and can cover any events as things unfold, as well as bringing along a portable lighting kit to get some more posed / stylish shots of you and / or your friends / family if that would be appropriate for your event. Again, fees for this coverage would depend on timings and location, and could be arranged seperately, or included in your overall package.


A second photographer can be a great way to get even more coverage of your day, and see everything from both a different perspective, as well as in a slightly different photographic style. It can also open up the possibility to cover parts of the day which happen in different places but at the same time - for example bridal preparations which may be happening at the same time as the groom is arriving at the church or wedding venue, or getting ready elsewhere, but also to cover each part of the day from a different angle. If you feel that a second photographer might be right for you, I usually work with Heather Birnie Photography if possible, and her work can be seen below:


If you have any questions at all, want to tell me what you need, or want to discuss your ideas further please ask away, and I look forward very much to hearing from you. I check my emails regularly throughout the day and will get back to you as quickly as possible.

PHONE/TEXT: 07572919511 (or email/text and ask if you would like me to call you instead)

All the best,
Ed, at Another State Of Mind Photography